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Many years of experience with cold calls and lead generation with a focus on the Swiss IT industry is what sets us apart. Cold Call Acquisition is the most efficient and personal approach to win potential new customers.

Needs & Pains from the Daily Business are identified, account managers receive high quality leads and the client receives an additional and personal presence in the market.

Owl about Cold Calling

Owl about Cold Calling

We love cold calling! Cold calling is the most efficient and personal way to acquire potential new customers, find out about Needs & Pains and provide your account managers with appointments. Every cooperation starts with a good conversation.

Give your campaign the decisive added value with efficient follow-up and clean data for your CRM. After all, they are more than addresses, they are your capital for sales growth.

Owl about Surveys

Owl about Surveys

New products and services to be placed? We find out the market for you. Thanks to qualitative feedback and fully comprehensive evaluations, you know exactly where you stand and where you can start.

Owl about Event Invitations

You have planned an event, would like to invite existing and potential customers, but do not have the personnel resources to do so? We will gladly take care of this for you!

Owl about Business Development

Are you planning an event or launch? Here we go – whether planning, text, shipping and lettershop or location – let us advise you so that your event meets all expectations. We are there for you from the brainstorming to the implementation

Owl about Coaching & Sales Trainings

We can all make phone calls – or can’t we? Targeted training and promotion of your employees make the difference between telephoning and selling.

Owl about your ideas? 

Something really crazy for a change? Against the norm and the standard? We’re up for that, too! Building a brand is never done with a single campaign. We help you with long-term planning: with strategic and creative thinking, we’ll take you so far that you’ll look back in amazement.